Children’s Parties

Παιδικά πάρτυLaserGames can organize children’s parties in your own space or in one of our fields.

For more information see Mobile and Outdoor Tactical, while details about our spaces can be found under Our fields.

The cost depends on the services provided, the space and the number of participants. Contact us for further information!

Corporate Events

Every company needs close-knit teams that demonstrate high levels of commitment both towards the company’s strategic goals, but also towards the goals of their team. High levels of efficiency on an individual, group and corporate level are necessary, with the teams’ contributions to corporate results
being the primary goal. Therefore, strengthening teams through team building programs seems more important than ever before.

Each group consists of individual units, whose unique features and convergent forces shape the final path and direction. On a corporate level, the team is defined as the company itself, while the individual units consist of the respective teams that have been formed and function within it. Thus, the
company’s results are essentially tied to the direction of each team and the way each one interacts with and compliments the other.

"Through Team building programs and enhancing teamwork skills, staff members are more focused on the collective result, and less so on individual recognition." You can find more information under Mobile and Outdoor Tactical, while further details about our own spaces can be found under Our fields.

Would you like to strengthen your relationships?

Would you like to use our equipment for your event?

This service is provided both in our space and in yours .

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Customized Battle

Our guns can be fully customized to your needs!

Do you want:

Easier Kill?
Less Shield?
Less Ammo?
More teams in the game?
Limited Respawn?
Preset Medic?
And many more adjustments?


Anything that can be changed in a video game, we can alter as well!

Night Battle

Would you like to experience the game during night time?

We can offer a purely night-time game or combine it with a day- time experience.




Zombie Hunt

Special nights full of action, with your team facing mobs of zombies!!!
Coming soon!!!