Q? What is Laser Tag?
Laser Tag is a sport that has taken the world by storm in the past 10 years. It simulates a certain genre of video games in real-life. Every player has a gun, that uses infrared beams as bullets, and is connected to their head with sensors that receive the shots. The gun informs us if we’ve been shot, how much shield we have left, how much life we have, if we have been ‘killed’, if we can be reborn, combat statistics and many more. An important positive feature is the fact that the game has encouraged young children to exercise in nature and in real-life, instead of playing video games on a computer.

Q? Is Laser Tag safe?
Laser Tag is completely safe. Like every sport, it requires a certain amount of attention that depends on our fitness level, as well as compliance with the safety regulations. The guns do not eject projectiles that could potentially injure us. Instead, they illuminate infrared beams that are in no way harmful to us. The players are required to adhere to the safety regulations which differ depending on whether the game is being played in nature or in a controlled space.

Q? What is different from other games such as Paintball – Airsoft?
First and foremost, there are no projectiles being ejected from the guns. That makes the game completely safe even without the use of protective gear. Furthermore, it is impossible for someone to ‘cheat’ in the game. The gun controls the player’s life, shield and ammunition. E.g. A gun notifies us if a player has been killed and it stops shooting. That makes the game unique, as it is impossible for any misunderstanding to occur between the players! Lastly, the guns are impeccably precise, can shoot up to a distance of 400 metres in a straight line and their shot is not affected by leaves and branches.

Q? What ages is it appropriate for and how many people can play?
It is appropriate for children over 6, depending on the field and their physical abilities (Whether or not they can lift the weight of the gun). Up to 20 players can take part in a single game depending on the field. It would be best to contact LaserGames for details.

Q? What does LaserGames offer?
In LaserGames, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you can try for the first time in Greece. The game and the teams of up to 10 people are supervised by us and the entire game, including the breaks, lasts up to 3 hours depending on the field (2.30 hours for children). We offer a gun with sensors, a suit, a helmet, gloves and protective glasses (to avoid branches). Both the gun and the scope have military specifications but look different from real guns due to legal restrictions. The pricing, payment and reservation of places happens after contacting LaserGames at least 4 days before the game is supposed to take place. There will be a vending machine for refreshments, as well as the option to order food from an associated business.

Q? What are my responsibilities as a player?
Every player is required to follow the game’s safety regulations. If they do not, they will be removed from the game. Players are responsible for their actions in the field and underage players have to be accompanied by an adult that will guarantee for their safety. Furthermore, players need to have their own transport, wear comfortable, closed shoes, appropriate to the field and be mindful of their own protection, especially if they have been injured in the past. Lastly, especially in our Outdoor Wild field, there will need to be prior communication regarding the advice/permission of a doctor in case the player is allergic to elements that can be found in the field.

Q? What is the pricing?
Pricing depends on age, field and number of participants. For further information check our booking page or contact us. It is not possible to get a refund in case of cancelation.

Q? What are the opening days and hours?
The Outdoor Wild field is open during daytime hours on weekends, as well as on certain bank holidays and on days when a booking has been made by a large number of players in advance. Outdoor Inflammable and Mobile are open on weekdays and during night-time as well. In any case you need to contact us!

Q? Are there any offers for children’s parties?
In cooperation with a catering company we can offer complete packages. Pricing and amenities differ depending on age and field. For further information about pricing and in order to make a booking please contact us.