Get to Know Us

Η LaserGames LaserGames is a company that was founded in early 2014 and it is based in Megara, Attica. Since the beginning our goal has been to offer an original, quality experience that is one-of-a-kind in Attica. With a lot of effort, we managed to be the first Greek company to offer this
particular type of Laser Tag.

Our guns are made in USA, out of aluminium alloy and meet all military quality
standards. Our guns also differ from real ones for two reasons: first of all, due to legal reasons the construction of exact replicas, and their use by third parties, is prohibited in the USA, and second, and most important to us, something like that would be against our
beliefs. Exact combat simulation is not LaserTags’ goal. Neither is promoting military ideals to young people. On the contrary, our goal is to provide a ‘game’ for all ages. The motivation behind our company comes from the desire to simulate video games in real life, and most importantly the impulse to exercise and be close to nature.

This was the reason why we chose this specific spot, in the beautiful area of West Attica. A location with seemingly endless forests, beautiful beaches, and plenty of archaeological and religious sites. Places that you could enjoy before or after the game.


Spilios Priskos
Owner of LaserGames
Mechanical Engineer Graduate